Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It Was A Dark and Scarry Night-It's Halloween

No trick or treaters around the hotel here so we took some candy up to the gal who works the front desk. She needed the candy-we didn't.
Took a nice walk on the crutches with my therapist today. He can't give me the nod to use them fulltime but he says I do fine on them. I have to get the permission from my Dr. when I see him next Wed. I walked with them for 6 months before my surgery so I have had plenty of experience. I only have 2 more home therapy sessions and then hopefully we'll be on our way home.
We worked out in the coach today getting things settled in. We bought new towels so had to wash them and get them into their place. We even warmed up some leftovers for our lunch and had our first real meal inside. We're just trying everything out to see how things work. The potty even works as advertised.
Hope everyone had a great Halloween. We don't want to take our masks off for fear of scaring children and pets everywhere. Good night

Monday, October 29, 2007

"I'm As Good As I Can Be, 'Til I'm Home In Tennessee"

What goes up........................
................. must come down!!

That's my motto for these coming days. Things are going along well. My PT guy helped me learn how to get into the van today-it was pretty scarry but I mastered it and now shouldn't have any problems on our way home to TN. With this unit having a bathroom, I won't even have to get out the entire trip home if I don't want to. Hopefully we'll be leaving here on Nov. 8 and take 3-4 days to get home.

Joe writes:

I had added to Sharon's comments last night, but because of the funky WIFI setup here at the hotel, I lost all my added comments about her progress last evening. In the fog of the pre-coffee morning, I'll try to recreate what I added last evening!

Sharon was being somewhat modest about what she was able to accomplish during the PT sesson with Dave! He gave her a pretty good workout while she was learning to ingress and egress from the View! Not only did he work her pretty well getting up and down the stairs, he had her walk from the room all the way to the View first! May not seem like much of a big deal, but that was well over twice as far as she has gone before without a "sit down" in the middle! Then, it was up and down the stairs using one crutch and the hand rail until she felt comfortable with the procedures! She worked really hard and I'm proud of her for sticking with it even though it was really tiring for her! Well, she did get a free ride back to the room!! [:D] She is confident on how to get in and out now, so I suppose it won't be long before her world begins to expand!! You know the old "keep 'em down on the farm when .................. etc.!" (Wow! The coffee is finally kicking in! That sip went all the way down HOT!) I'll have to keep reminding her that the "house arrest" thing is still in effect until next Wednesday when we see her doctor. She likes the idea that the View is now "home!" It's scary what that COULD mean!! [;)]



Saturday, October 27, 2007

Things got a little busy today!

This picture was NOT intentionally staged. It happened as we were trying different things in the coach to see what would work and what would NOT work! When I realized what it was, I just had to have a picture of it!

A couple of pics of the ambulance!

You could say this is the "Rear View!"

Our New View of life!

We managed to stay pretty much on the go today as we began to make our new vehicle ours! I began installing all those things we were used to in the GeoVan and began to work on the "home" part of the motorhome! Had to make a run tonight to WallyWorld to stock up on some of the stuff needed to make this whole thing work! Spent part of the day also figuring out how some of the things work! The stereo and TV are anything BUT intuitive and could likely not be more complicated or unclear. Some of the folks on the View forum group have written how they resolved the problem by rewiring some of the interface switches. That's a big GOTTA DO!

Sharon had her first real taste of it today and really likes it! (Boy, is that good news for ME!) Will be glad when we can get her on the road with it!

We're both pretty well tired out tonight! This has been her busiest day since the operation and she is almost at a normal activity level! All that, of course is done with weight on only one leg! She did sit a lot! BUT she stayed busy most of the day! That's some serious improvement! She is beginning to chomp at the bits to be set free! Y'all better look out! She's on the way back with bionics!!

I had a real hard shock this afternoon! I called one of my friends in Ft Worth to see if he was going to be able to make it over to Plano for dinner one night while we are here. He just found out within the last two weeks that he has Stage Three lung cancer. He is to begin both chemo and radiation sometime next week, I believe he said. Don and I have been as close as brothers for the last 20 to 25 years. My heart goes out to him and Luzon as they go through these next few weeks of some pretty deep emotional lows and as Don faces the body wracking trauma of the double treatments! For those of you who have held Sharon and I up in prayer, I ask no less from you for my "brother!" Oh yes, we both share a last name of Thompson!

Guess I don't feel much like a Cheers! tonight!

Friday, October 26, 2007

We have a new View of life!

MamaCache helped out a lot with Bulli and Sharon when Joe was away getting the new View!

Sharon and "Moosiegirl" visit while Joe is getting the new View!

We have a new View of life as of today! I had aluded to the fact that getting Sharon into the old GeoVan was a near impossiblity for her now and that getting her to Nashville in any kind of comfort WAS going to be extremely difficult! Taking into consideration many different factors and thinking about MANY different options, we decided to move up our plans to get our Winnebago View 24H! We had wanted to make that move sometime next spring, anyway, to be able to make the trip to Sacramento next year for GeoWoodstock VI. For you non-geocachers, that's a world wide geocaching event, like a convention only a whole lot more fun!! By moving up our timetable, we will now have a nice easy ride for her trip back home and give us a lot of travel pleasure for many years to come. It isn't nearly a big as our old coach was that we lived in for 3 1/2 years, but that's kinda' the point! It will operate fairly inexpensively and we won't have to depend on the hotel/motel bag drag any more! A basic experiment after I brought it home late this evening assures that she will be able to "mount up and ride!" My short drive (less than 20 miles) bringing it home also verified that the ride quality is much more comfortable than the GeoVan. Click on the title line above this post to see the View. Or click here:

Sharon had company while I was gone most of the day! Two of our Texas GeoFriends, Moosiegirl and MamaCache, came over and spent most of the day with her. They have no idea how much we appreciate that great act of kindness! It allowed me to go take care of the business side of our new purchase without having to be concerned about her ability to get around and get meals, let Bulli out when necessary, etc. A tip of the TEAM NAB hat to those two wonderful friends!

NOW we're excited about travel and ready to get on the road! Darned house arrest! Guess I'll have to do the shake-down cruises by myself with Bulli! [:D} She'll probably hurt me for that !!!

Dave, our PT Guru, is going to concentrate his efforts next week in training her to get in and out of the View up the four stairs. We've discussed it with him and he's on top of it! We were just waiting for the "training aid" to show up!

We had aluded to this happening on the blog, but had not made a big deal out of it yet in case something fell through on the deal. I have keys in hand and it's sitting in the drive, so I suppose that we're safe to let the cat out of the bag!

Before I got home, I had placed Bulli's little "travel buddies" on his blanket on the couch. He jumped right in when he first saw the coach to check it out! He was so cute when he realized his little friends were there already! He just lay down on the blanket and started preening his little fellows! He KNEW he was home!!

Oh yes, Sharon is doing rather well. She didn't extend herself too much while I was away. As I type this, she's rocked back in her recliner sawing some serious logs! Guess I'll have to get her up for bed in a bit!


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wow! Thursday evening already!!

About two days ago, or so it seems, I was up early and writing a morning blog! Life must be getting back to some resemblance of "normal!" Not sure how to define that word anymore, but life is resuming to a normal busy routine. I spent most of the day doing the normal grocery shopping, cooking (tonight I fixed a roasted chicken with an herb marinade!) (OK, so I got it at the grocery store deli!) Doesn't matter! Bottom line is I did the menu planning and brought it home!! [:D] Sure would be hard to make one that brown and nice looking in a microwave! This is the routine!

Spent part of the day giving the GeoVan a good cleaning out! Sure needed it! Hasn't had one like that in a very long time! 110K miles and still running strong! Been a great vehicle and has spent some great caching times.

Just had to stop and get some bedtime chores done! Sharon is getting better each day. We begin next week on the process of getting her trained in the proper way of getting into the vehicle! Dave, her PT care giver, is all set to begin that process on Monday! That will give us a week and a half to make sure she can get in and get out safely! That is not normally a process that you even think about, you just do it! Grab a walker, restrict one leg from having any weight on it and try climbing into a vehicle with three steps, the bottom one 12 inches from the ground! That adds another light on a simple task! These are the kinds of things we're having to reengineer to fit her until her knitting process is finished! It may be a LONG 6 months!!

Cheers, I need to get to bed and face another big day tomorrow! Stay tuned! It may be good tomorrow!!

Another Busy Day!

For a time of "still and quiet", it sure has gotten busy! I had almost a full day of chores to perform yesterday and managed to pull them all off while Sharon was in the suite being "S&Q!" Sometimes a plan comes together! After getting the normal things pretty well wrapped up, Bulli and I made a run over to Justin, TX to the Justin Boot Outlet store. Along with great buys on boots, they are an outlet for Wrangler "seconds!" You can shop well, but carefully!! We shopped there numerous times while we were in Ft. Worth and I needed a "Justin Fix!" My jeans were getting a bit worn (Sharon called them "rags," as I recall! I told her they were just getting broke in good! And to think, we were looking at the same jeans!! [:D]) Anyway, Bulli and I went over shopping! It can be dangerous to turn a guy loose on a clothes-buying expedition and I did not disappoint! This store covers about an acre, broken up into several areas with different kinds of Stuff segregated by type in them. I hit the jeans and pants section and made several selections for me. Couldn't find any for Bulli because none seemed to be shaped correctly! More importantly, none had a "tail-hole!" (NO, not THAT kind!!) He was NOT disappointed!! After grabbing a few shirts, we made a run for Plano! I had to chuckle when I got back and read the label on some of the pants. I slipped into a pair for the obligatory "modeling" session and immediately asked if we had an iron here! I then read the label that said, "wrinkle resistant! I sure hope those weren't built INTO the design and I have to live with the way they look!

Sharon took advantage of the freedom we left her with and made some extra trips up and down the hallways! And, she read! And she walked! And, did I mention that she read some? And she said she was bored!! With all that activity?!![:D] Actually, I believe she enjoyed the peace and quiet, not to mention the extra space she had in here with us gone!

I'm writing this early this AM because our WIFI was extremely slow last evening! They are having a seminar here in the ExtendedStay this week and there are probably 25 or 30 business people here for it. I can predict that they all have at least one device with them that needs access and the system just became overloaded! Hey, I'll fool them! I'll just get up at 4:30 and do my webbing early!! (If you believe that, I've got..........................!) I just happened to wake up super early today!

Stay tuned! Tomorrow, we may have an announcement to make! Won't know for sure until in the morning! (Don't turn to the next page yet! It's blank so you won't peek!!)

Until tomorrow, Cheers

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What a Day!

Sharon and Jane Jones on a rare visit!

The Main Battle Tank is now gone! It measured almost 8 feet long like this!

Some days start of easy and then ramp up into a day beyond your wildest dreams! Today started in a rather normal day, you know, a cuppa', check the e-mail, then drift into watching the incision heal! Just about the second cuppa' and the second e-mail box, the phone rang! They were coming to pick up the MBT (that's a MONSTER wheel chair, for those that may be just tuning in!)! Yeaaaaa! Now we won't have to turn sideways to get into the kitchen and to the front door!! Will be there between 12 and 2! Fine! Wait, Dave from PT is to be here at 1! OK, that's alright! Dave doesn't interfere with me! I'll be available for the chair turn-in! Be alright! Oh, since we've had breakfast, fed and walked Bulli, we have some time before 12! Phew! Let's sit for a bit! Oh, can't do that! Have to do a couple of loads of wash! No prob! Plenty of time! Loads in! House phone rings! Manager calling to tell me of an account adjustment we had coming and it would be applied for this week! Fine! Knock on door! Goodbye, MBT!! YEAAAA!! It's gone!! Phone rings! Hello! It's Jane Jones from Arkansas! She and Sharon traveled all over the Orient while we were in Taiwan! Wow! Of course you can come by! What a surprise!! Give directions! She'll be here in a few minutes! Knock on door! Come in, Dave! Off to supervise PT! OH! I have to take shirts out of the dryer before they get TOO shrunk! (You have to watch them! They have ONE speed for heat! I've considered getting some peanuts and roasting a batch in them!! They're THAT hot!!) Dave's walking Sharon, I'm getting clothes out of laundry! As I come back down the hall to the room, I see a familiar figure ahead of me! Hi Jane! Great visit! We all took her out back to show her what a geocache is, since she asked! Gave her the GPS and let her "follow the needle" to get her very first 'cache! OH, THAT's what it's all about! Drop in again, Jane! Wow! It's three o'clock! Where did the day go? OK, off to grab some LUNCH! I felt like a Mooyah Burger! (Just burgers, just fries, just right! That's their slogan!) MOOOOYYYAAAAHHH! Wow! That was good! Bulli even got to ride with me since it's rather cool here now! He was so glad to get out of the "house."

Sharon has done really well this week so far! Visits and cards mean so much to her because they are a "touch" from the outside world! I put that in prospective of her being in "house-arrest." She and Jane met while Jane was working at Morrison Academy in Taichung, Taiwan. Jane was able to take off so they could take several trips together. I believe they went to Singapore, Bejing, and Seoul Korea as a minimum and maybe, other places! What a friendship and what a visit today. Jane wasn't able to stay very long, but the time here was so precious in it's effect on Sharon's morale! Thank you, Jane! We love you!!

Other than a trip to REI to pick up a spoke wrench, our day was uneventful! Darn, we really didn't have a chance to watch the incision today!!! [:D]


Monday, October 22, 2007

1 week down and 2 1/2 to go

Isn't that a nice thought on this cool, fall morning? Yup-we've got a week behind us now in out cozy little "quarters". Don't like being on house "arrest" but don't have much choice right now. There's not alot to do around here so time seems to be crawling by but when Nov. 7 finally gets here it will all be a dream.
It was a very quiet weekend. We took several "strolls" up and down the halls for exercise and Joe and Bulli took me for several rides in the wheelchair out and around the property. Hope my Dr. doesn't think that is breakinf the house arrest rules. It feels so good to get outside and soak up some of the sun rays.
We "went to church" via the TV and the internet on Sunday. The local church (that we were able to attend once before I went in the hospital) broadcasts their Sunday service so we were able to ALMOST feel like we were there.
I'm still working on reading the several books that were given to me. I've also started crocheting a baby afghan for a gift.
The nights are long and I still am not able to sleep comfortably the entire time but each night seems to be getting better. I alternate between back and side right now but when I can finally get completely over on my side or stomach I'll sleep alot better.
We continue to get cards and phone calls so we are thankful for those.
Thanks to everyone again for prayers and support back home.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturday Evening 20 Oct

Somehow, it seems like there's not much to add tonight! It has been a lazy day for all of us, including Bulli! We did decide today to call Monday and turn the MBT (oversize wheelchair) back in. I grabbed the little one we had from the van today and we tried it out. Worked well for the sittee (Sharon) and the movator (me), so we can use it instead! We were concerned about the angle of the leg and the leg supports in ours, but our concerns were unwarranted! Everything worked as it should and it is easier, by far, to use, maneuver, and push! The MBT was just so unwieldy for all of us!

Our day began about 5:30 this morning. It seems like it should be around midnight as I write this. Seems to work better when we're really busy!! I cooked a fairly early breakfast this morning and then we waited until late afternoon to eat some leftovers for late lunch/dinner or whatever it was!

I truly think we're heading back pretty soon. We're sitting here yawning at each other!!


Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Afternoon 10/19/07

I sit here in the quiet trying not to make much of disturbance while Sharon gets a little mid afternoon nap! She didn't sleep well last night and has had a pretty full day of "work-outs" with PT, escaping the room while the cleaners were in, riding the MBT (Main Battle Tank) up to the laundry room on the 4th floor to help me fold clothes, and then down to have her official PT session when Dave came by. She's pooped at that activity level, and I WASN'T until I wrote this all down! NOW, after reading it, I'M pooped, too!! [:D]

On the simplest things being better, I fixed Hot Dogs for lunch and she thought they tasted like caviar! Amazing how they rang her tastebuds' bell! I'm all for those exotic tastes!! They make the cook's job a lot easier!!

We splurged yesterday for an early dinner! Immediately next door to the Extended Stay is a Saltgrass Steak House. I had developed a taste for a good piece of red meat over the last several days and as she said, "I HAVE to get out of this house for a while!" so we went to Saltgrass. It was a tremendous trip for her! Of course, she rode the MBT and I drove it all the way next door! For the effect of it, it could have been in Abilene! The change of scenery was marvelous! I told her she was just too excited about eating "fancy" and that's why she didn't sleep well! I don't believe it broke her "house arrest" rules too much though, because it wasn't a car ride. She still can't mount, or dismount from, the GeoVan!

Until tomorrow! Cheers!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday morning-Oct. 18-what a difference a night makes

Well-it is 7:15 AM, I've made my bed, gotten dressed and sitting here at the computer with a cup of coffee. Had a great night of sleep last night-best in 2 1/2 weeks. Finally found a "comfy" position in my bed with a pillow under my legs and slept over 7 hours-didn't have to move to the recliner like other nights. Things really look better when you sleep good. Still have to sleep on my back so it's not a normal sleep but hope I have lots more like last night.
Now, on to the chores of the day. Oh, I don't have any chores. My major goal in life right now is to lie around and let my hip heal. That's pretty tough for this gal who is usually "on the move" from sunup to sundown. This life right now can make a person humble or bored or whatever. However, I know how things are on the other end so know I have to "hang in there". This, too, shall pass.
I started crocheting this week-have 2 baby afghans to do-and continue to work on the books that so many people were kind to send to me. We take several walks each day in the halls here and then Joe and Bulli take me outside in the wheelchair in the evening for a stroll around the property. It's good to get out of these 4 walls from time to time.
Nov. 7 seems so far away but guess it will get here eventually.
Thanks to everyone's notes and calls, etc. It's so nice to know you are out there.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My! How steps in life are measured!!!

It's amazing how our measurement enjoyment of life shifts as our situation shifts around us! This morning, Sharon had one of those life changing measurement points this morning! She had her very FIRST full shower post-hospitalization!! (That includes Integra Rehab) I'm still listening to OOOOWWWWWWs and AAAAAAAWWWWWWW's sometime later! I've always thought that life's simple pleasures were the best one's! Had never particular thought that a shower really fell into that category, though!

Sharon is sleeping a little better, but has not yet had a full, uninterrupted night of it! We put her "up on blocks" last night with pillows between her legs and feet and behind her back so she could enjoy a different postion for sleeping! That helped to some degree but only lasted for a couple of hours before she got up to go to her chair! To her right now, it seems like she hasn't slept for years! This, too, will pass!!

Today is PT day and Dave will be here around 1:15PM to give her a "full-workout!" That should do her in for the rest of the day. We've been doing the exercises twice a day, but probably not at the intensity that Dave will apply to them! That's good! She is going to have to make some serious progress for us to be ready to "mount up and ride!" That is our first major goal! We discussed with Dave the goal of getting her loaded up and he is fully on speed with that goal. It will probably be next week before we can get fully into that training program. She will have to do the equivalent of climbing 4 steps to make that transition from ground-bound to "I Believe I Can Fly!" (Apologies to Sherrill Crowe!)

This apartment is getting a little smaller with each day! I think we finally have all the support equipment in place. In our tiny bathroom (minimal size for a tub and toilet) we have an oversize tub seat AND an elevated toilet seat with arms! I don't want that to be too graphic, BUTT, that's just the facts!! [:D] We have to swap appliances several times a day to accomodate the current incumbent! Fortunately, all of these things are light and, except for size, are very mobile. Just a little glimpse into hip surgery and recovery for you!! Not all of it is glamorous!!! LOL!

Having said all that, we are surviving quite well, given the task at hand! The apartment here is actually larger than our motorcoach that we full-timed in for 3 1/2 years! That was pretty good living and that experience is making living here more acceptable! Actually, this sure beats a MicroTel small room!!!

We still haven't been next door to Roy's Hawaiian Fusion! I did manage to get an insight into their menu from their web site. To eat in their cheap seats is a flat $35 per person! That, of course, is for a three course serving consisting of an appetizer, main course, and dessert! I must admit, however, that I'm a little leary of a place that makes their food look like "Bird of Paradise" flowers, or some other such "non-food" appearance! Guess I'm just a "Paula Deen" kind of food person!! Give me some of those grits (Polenta is what we used to call "corn meal mush" and was what you ate when there was absolutely NOTHING else to eat in the house!) and eggs!

OK, enough rambling for this morning! It's really slow sitting around watching an incision heal! Just like watching paint dry, only different!


Oh, yes! NO PICTURE this morning! I was threatened!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

HoHumm!! Just another day of progress!!! [:D]

Bulli doing his best to keep Mom under "House Arrest!"

Sure glad I retired before all this took place!! Don't think it could get any busier! We have been in a waiting mode most of the day! Sharon had assumed some things about the Home Health Care and I thought they were correct conditions. We sat most of the day waiting for those expectations to take place and they never did! While we were waiting, we received snail mail and had an appointment from Dr Emerson's office for the final check before we leave town to head home. She was reading it and gave out a yelp! She said the letter said she was under "house arrest" until the appointment! Being here in the suite had not bothered her until she read of her "confinement!" Now she's chafing at the bits to get out of "these four walls!" Right after reading that there was a knock on the door and it was Dave, her PT administrator for the next 3 plus weeks! He spent quite a while going over the administrivia part of the treatment and explained that the "house arrest" meant that she wasn't to go out for long drives, etc., because, theoretically, if you get home care, it means that you aren't capable of going to a therapy facility! Hence, "house arrest!" She's still chafing like she was sitting on an little alcohol burner, though!!
Dave also removed her staples, all 39 of them! Quite a simple little procedure! Shoot, I could have done that with my Leatherman! Somehow, she wouldn't let me near while that was going on! Hey, I'm just trying to be helpful!! Her incision is 35.5 centimeters long and looks remarkably "clean!" After her last hip in '91, that has more significance to us than you can imagine!
Sharon is definitely on the mend! She says she feels like she could just take off and walk anywhere right now! We'll both be tickled to death when that can happen!! Pragmatically, her mobility is going to be extremely limited until Dr Emerson tells us that the hip/prosthesis connection has fully merged. That is extremely important for the long term outlook for this whole process. Sooo, probably until next spring, you'll likely see her walking along "putting down 4 and carrying one!" Seems like a long time now, but 1o years from now, it will seem like it was nothing!
Here's to an uneventful recovery!!! (Raise of glasses and a resounding "Clink")

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Those Lazy Hazy Days of Sunday!!

Pardon the plagarism of the title for this but it is quite descriptive of the day! Come to think of it, many of you will not recognize the song title that was perloined from, so it really doesn't matter since the 18 copyright is long over!!! Have had a great day! Sharon was totally drug free last night and slept rather well, considering that she got up at 3:30 and moved to her chair. I woke aroung 7:30 and she was deeply sleeping. I sneaked in and made the coffee and read e-mail, surfed the 'net for a while and she finally opened her eyes and asked what I was doing! They sent her home with both light sleeping aid pills and pain pills, but last night she went without and did rather well. She said it was her best night yet! Yahoo!!!!

She begins her home nursing care tomorrow. She must have ten of those sessions before we have her first check at the doctors. They are coming three days a week so it will take time for the appointment to get here!! This home care will include helping get certain things done and some basic care. They do breakfast, get her washed and then a little Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy to continue the process that Integra started. One of our goals is to be able to get her into the vehicle so we can get her home!! That is beginning to be a bigger incentive for her everyday! I contend that she's better off here right now because it's so much smaller with less things she wants to "fix!" At home, there'd be a whole house of "things to do!" Sometimes, smaller is bigger!!!

We had a light breakfast of leftovers this morning and, mid-afternoon I asked what she wanted to have for lunch/dinner! Her almost immediate reaction was that she wanted a California Salad from Planet Burrito. Now, I wouldn't say we've been there frequently, but I'm on a first name basis with both the General Manager and the store manager and have had a free meal from one of their punch cards and am about half way to my next! So I went down to the Planet to grab what she wanted! (against my will, of course!) Thought you'd like to see her enjoying one of her favorite meals at home! Note the creative use for the PB take-out bag!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saturday Evening 13Oct07

What a Saturday! It was loaded with rest and great surprises! About 10 or so this morning, I had a call from the front desk and was told I had a guest in the lobby. I went down to see who was here and who should appear but JBinthe615, a caching friend from Nashville! We have dodged each other from Nashville to Miami and, yes, here again, is JB! What a surprise! He came in and after visiting for a while, I asked if he would like to go out behind the motel and grab a couple of caches that were here. Of Course, the answer was yes! We took Bulli out and was grabbing the cache when my phone rang. It was the Haley4TN family. My first reaction was that they were calling to ask about one of our caches. I asked where they were and was told that they were at Integra and couldn't find Sharon! My, My! Gave them directions to the Extended Stay. We came back inside and had a Tennessee Reunion Event, Texas Style! Just never know WHERE these Tennesseans will show up! What a great surprise and spirit-lifter! We had no clue either of them were anywhere near Texas. The Haleys were visiting family in the area and just decided to come by! In honor of this auspicious occasion, we all, except Sharon, piled in the GeoVan and continued the cache run that JB and I had been heading out on. What a historic event! (More on that sometime later!)

After everybody left, we took Sharon out for her first trip in the Main Battle Tank! What a handful!! Bulli needed a walk and we decided to make it a family event! She rode, I pushed and Bulli pulled! Bet it was a sight! Well, at least Bulli and I got OUR exercise! Will post a picture of this outing when I get them transfered to the computer.

Sharon is doing rather well in the transition back to "real world" living! I need to get the luggage basket for her walker. She's on the walker so she can keep weight off of the new hip. It has a little basket that velcro's to the front of it so she can carry "stuff" around with her. I've not installed it yet. The Occupational Therapy folks teach how to use that to get your food and plates moved around the kitchen and all sorts of household chores. Our "kitchen" here won't allow two people to cook, so I've left the basket off to protect my position as "Top Chef!"

This has been a great day! More of these are to come!


Re-learning all over again!!

Well, it's a beautiful cool sunny Texas fall morning! The sun is shining and it could just not be a better start to what appears to be a georgeous day!! That is the backdrop to our "newly" recombined home life! Alas, we are in the throes of still figuring out WHAT goes WHERE and all that good stuff. Sharon's homecoming was accompanied by a legion of support equipment!! I can't begin to describe all of it, except to say I have a wheelchair sitting beside me that more closely resembles the Army's main battle tank than it does a normal wheelchair!!! [:D] This thing has more adjustments on it than you can imagine! It is for some of the more long-distance forays out into the world while we're here! I'm glad they're renting it! I don't believe there's a trailer hitch on it to tow it back to Nashville! I don't even WANT to know what it cost! It will even lay out flat like a bed!! Extended that way, it's well over six feet long!

Sharon's first night home was one of mixed reactions. We're all glad she's back and we're together. Bulli was so funny trying to figure out what the deal was with her walking on the walker device. He just watched and watched and finally had to come over and sniff it up really well. She slept in fits and starts and was up two or three times before I woke up around 7:30. That will soon take care of itself, I'm sure.

It's pretty obvious there is a difference in "design-for-mobility" between the rehab facility and our suite here at Extended Stay!! [:D] We are relearning the art of passing in small places, the "I'm here, you're there, how do we swap places?" syndrome, and where do I put this now? things. Guess it's all part of the fun of life and living together!! Things do have to be a little more orchestrated, however!! Say, any conductors out there??

YeeHaw!! Life is good!! We're learning to live again!!


Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday night-Oct. 12-from Sharon's point of view

Yup-just like Joe has reported-we are "home". Well, "home" as we know it for now. This is the beginning of Phase#4(#1-pre-op time here in TX; #1-the operation itself and 5 days in the hospital: #3-rehab for 7 days). We had gotten ourselves all settled into our little abode here at Extended Stay before I went in the hospital so it was just like "coming home". Think Bulli was almost as happy about it as I was since he finallly had all 3 of us under the same roof. When I laid down on the bed this evening for a rest he had to curl up right beside me- RIGHT side, of course, since my incision is on the left side.
Didn't have much to do at rehab today since they don't work you the day you go home. We didn't leave until 5:30 so had time to rest in addition to saying "good-by" to those who helped me out so much the week I was there. That was a fantastic place and everyone was so professional and dedicated to their work. We plan to come back thru here in late April or early May on our way to Calif so will stop back in to see them again. Will have to bring a BIG box of Goo-Goo Clusters for them. The ones we brought were give out at the hospital.
We have an appt with my hip Dr. on Nov. 7 so we know we will be here at least that long. Hopefully all will go well between now and then and we'll get an OK to return home to finish my recuperation. Between now and then I'll have home health care coming in 3 times a week as well as physical therapy. All of that starts on Monday so we will get into our "groove" and move on.
Again and again we thank everyone for your prayers and thoughts, cards, phone calls and any other way you have helped us out in these past days and weeks.
Stayed tuned-Sharon

Friday Night 101207 - Home At Last!

Home at last! Well, almost home!! After a day of hurry up and wait, Sharon is back at "home" in the Extended Stay. They generously did NOT do a lot of PT today so that she would not arrive at home in a bone weary state! The walk from the car to the suite was more than adequate for her daily PT. She came in and saw all the changes that we have made to the place to be ready for her arrival. The bed had to be raised so that it would not be so low her hip would flex beyond the maximum 70 degree bend. To accomplish this we had to bring in another box spring set and put under her mattress. Now she can plunk UP on the bed and keep the new hip "happy!" Above all things, we WANT to keep it "HAPPY!" Other revisions included a taller potty seat and a tub seat to use in the shower. I had already installed a hand-held shower attachment to be ready!

I had always thought that Occupational Therapy was getting you ready for a new job! Wrong, the OT folks at Integra have a whole apartment set up in the gym. They take you in and teach you to cook, bathe, make the beds and just about all the life skills while remaining in the limitations you may have! This added a whole new dimension to coming home!

OK, I finally got what I had been asking for! She's home! Guess my work is just beginning!! :D]


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday Night and All is Well!!

Looks like tomorrow is the big day!! We found out for sure that Sharon is being released from Rehab tomorrow! She has really been working out and has impressed all that have worked with her in her determination and grit that she has shown in the process of this last week! I'm proud of her! She has had to dig deep to find the strength and fortitude to make this all happen! In retrospect, we should have done this after her previous surgerys! Her recovery would have been so much faster had we known about this possiblity!

Thanks in advance to Ron Leach, deacon at Prestonwood BC, for volunteering to provide transport from the rehab hospital to our humble abode at Extended Stay. That's the only loop we have to close for her to be ready to ride back to Nashville (the transportation). We've already determined that she cannot ride in the GeoVan for that distance and make the in and outs necessary for a two or three day trip home. We're working on a solution and almost have the details worked out to do so! More to follow, but don't worry, it will work itself out satisfactorily!

Little Bulli went to see his mom again tonight! He did spend a LITTLE more time with her before he went "hunting" again!! He knows that there is game in their hedge and he's determined to find it!!

Still have a few details to take care of tonight getting the suite ready to continue the rehab here! Better get cracking!!


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Things are looking up!!

Sharon is progressing in rapid fashion! The PT Doctor at Integra and staff had a meeting to discuss her condition and progress. The bottom line outcome of that consulting is that they want to send her "home" to the Extended Stay this Friday!! I, too, am amazed at the progess I've seen in her this time in comparison to her previous operations! The staff's concern is that she is doing so well that she'll slip into doing too much, too soon. They have somewhat been putting her brakes on up to now. It's kinda' hard to understand where they may get THAT idea from!! HEEHEE! To help her progress, she will have PT home care for some time yet. That will probably last as long as we're here. That will also keep her on a fixed regimen of the exercises she needs to do and will give me a chance to learn the whole routine so I can help her continue it after we leave.

We'll still probably be here for an additional three weeks after that to meet Dr Emerson's timing on her follow-up appointment. This little two-room apartment will probably look mighty small before we're ready to leave!

I don't think either of us will be more glad for her to come home that Bulli will be. I try to take him out as much as possible, but he has been spending way too much time in this little place alone. I come back in the evening and he'll just sit at my feet and crave all the attention that I can lavish on him. I've started taking him on longer and longer walks when we go out to help that as much as possible. Probably does me more good than him, though, because he KNOWS he's just going to end up back here alone! He WANTS his MOMMY!!!!

I see some long rides in our future! Sharon may not be able for a while to get out and roam around on foot but my bet is that she will want to "practice" for the ride home to get a change of scenery! Well, come to think of it, I'll probably be ready as well!!

Lest I forget, I want to give some of our geocaching friends from home a great big thank you for the yard work they did for us last weekend. Sorry for the late thanks, but it took a while to put all the pieces together to get the whole story!! I won't mention names, but WE know and YOU know and that's the important part!! Thanks ever so much, guys (and gals). I salute you for your efforts and thoughtfulness!


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tuesday-It's Sharon, here tonight

Well, another day is behind us and all is going as well as can be expected right now. Been concentrating on physical therapy(moving of the left leg and hip) and occupational therapy(bathing, dressing, etc.) I'm pretty slow on all accounts but I'm getting there. I actually put on shoes for the first time today and that seemed strange. Appetite is picking up so that DEFINITELY means I'm on the road to recovery.
During therapy this afternoon we tried to figure out how to get me in and out of the van for the trip home. We haven't resolved that yet but still working on it.
Have started getting cards here at Integra and also at Extended Stay and they are really a boost every day. Thanks for every one. Thanks, also, again to everyone's prayers and thoughts during these days.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Monday evening - 10/08/07

No input to the blog until tonight! I did chores today and she had a full PT schedule for the day, at least, as of the time I left last night. I was doing some stuff around mid-day and got a call from Ron and Marybeth Laster from Harmony, AR. We had visited with them on the stop in Clarksville, AR and, while they were in Dallas visiting their daughter, they cached their way over to visit with Sharon and me for a little while. I met them at Integra in time for us to catch Sharon in mid-PT! We got to watch, through the glass wall, her do her table exercises and see her walk! Remember the first grade reader? "See Sharon walk!" You gotta be my age to remember the great literature that brought us Dick and Jane!! OK, now, Raise your hand if you remember Dick and Jane! Uh, huh! That's what I thought! There were quite a few of you, weren't there!! I SAW THOSE HANDS!! [:D] Any way, we all walked her back to the room and helped her climb back in bed and then visited a while! We left when Ron and Marybeth had to go.

Sharon is really doing well under PT! After some serious misgivings on my part from the events of Saturday, things have settled into a nice week-time routine. The staff seems quite competent and personally interested in each of their charges. Professional but warm! Even Sharon says that she can already tell a big difference in how well she's doing. Last Thursday, I would not have bet that she would be where she is after just 4 days of the different routine.

I missed him but Clay Curtis from Prestonwood BC dropped in to visit for a little while in the late afternoon. I enjoyed the fellowship with Clay last week when he dropped in during the operation and then later in the week for a drop-in. I never realized what those little visits meant over the years, but have come to fully appreciate them. Haven't been on the receiving side of those much!

Probably the highlight of the day was after the rain late this afternoon. Since it was cooler after the rain, I took Bulli with me to do a few chores. We came back by Integra and I called Sharon and told her to look out the window. I didn't realize Clay was there then, but he opened the curtains and Bulli looked through the window and saw his Mom! I'm not sure which one was more excited, but Bulli was jumping up and down and really crying to get to her. Don't think Sharon jumped that high but she was glad to see her little boy! Later, I came back over and brought him with me. We rolled her out to the front and I let him out for a little visit. He was so excited (actually they both were!) that he came over, licked her hand, and then proceeded to try to find the rat or bunny he smelled in the hedge and flowers! It was like, "Hi, Mom! Excuse me, there's an evil rabbit in here I must protect you!!"

One of the chores I did today was to go in search of some "footies with grippers" for Sharon to wear in bed. They protect her heels while she's laying in the bed and, with the grips, she can slip out of the bed with them on and not slide around. The normal stores didn't have them (they are out of season because we have them as winter stock!). I did find a local Mom and Pop pharmacy that found them for me and could have them tomorrow. Fine, how much? Nine dollars. Er, is that for a dozen pairs? No sir, that's for ONE pair. Ok, thank you very much, mam, but I wanted a half a dozed pairs BUT NOT for that much! Heck, my whole wardrobe didn't cost as much as a dozen of those little things! After a little more roaming, I found the darn things at the gift shop INSIDE Integra in a pack of three for $3.99!! AAAAarrrrrrggggg! Bet I burned 3 gallons of fuel looking for them!! Oh well, I guess I AM from the country!!!!

Over all, things are really beginning to look up! Full, back at full speed, is going to take a while because of the bone/prosthesis integration. That is supposed to take 6 months to reach it's optimal strength. Can't have a lot of up and down jarring on the joint before that is accomplished. Soo, even though she's getting stronger and feeling better, her activity level MUST remain low key for quite a while! This progress rates a big thank you to all for your prayers and positive thoughts sent our way!

Until later,


Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunday Afternoon - 10/07/07

Am a little late today in getting out a status report. I slept in a little time morning. Actually, I slept decadently late. Bulli and I rolled out about 10, give or take a little! After I got the chores done, I got to Integra about 2PM!! Sinful!!!!

Actually it worked rather well for me to have done that. Sharon was given both a pain pill and a sleeping pill after I left last night! She said she actually had a really good night's sleep and felt much better for it. They took her through two PT sessions during the morning, and, along with another shower, she was feeling really great when I got here. In fact, she felt SO good, she's slept most of the time I've been here! Some way to treat a visitor, huh????!!!! I've been watching NASCAR from Talledaga so it has worked out pretty well - neither of us has had an interuption!!!!! She's been asleep about 2 or so hours now. That's probably the best thing that has happened to her all week. As they begin to give her more "work" during this week, she'll likely need more of it.

Her PT has been going pretty well. I went with her yesterday to watch what was being done. That was the first time with that PT instructor. After watching her for about 5 minutes, I made her stop. She was doing the right exercises but was not observing the Dr's cautions about range of motion and what was to be done. Glad I was there for that one. If this was the first operation, I might have ignored what was happening. Since we're both somewhat veterans at this process, we don't mind helping with the Quality Control of what is being done! [:D] A few nurses probably still have teeth marks from several years ago, too! Any way, this PT instructor went and called a replacement. Went really well from there! I had a chat with the original lady later and we discussed the process that is required with this particular prosthesis! She didn't know there was a difference in them! There is!!

Soooo! Here we sit! They just had the "Big One" at Talledaga! Most exciting thing happening here!!


Saturday, October 6, 2007

Hi-It's Sharon here Saturday night

Guess Joe is keeping you up-to-date on our adventures down here. Got into Integra and got settled in today. Picked out my meals for tomorrow so starting in the morning I'll be able to get things I like instead of coffe and tea,etc. They did bring some nice cheesecake that I ate today. Went to 3 therapy sessions today so my left leg is pretty sore but very little pain is involved. Manged to get 2 nice naps this afternoon. THey were much needed after not sleeping hardly at all last night. It was too hot and then too cold and then too noisy and then I could'nt get compfy. Hope tonight will be better.

I also want to thank everyone who has called Joe's cell phone. Hope you realize I just feel like talking much right now but there will be a time before long that I'll be ready to get back on line.

Keep those calls coming and thanks to everyone-Sharon

It's amazing what you can do when you're not doing drugs!!!! [:D] Nuff Said!!!


Saturday Morning - From Rehab

Well, after the effort yesterday, all is settled (????) into rehab. The good news is, Sharon is in rehab to improve her capabilities. The bad news is, Sharon is in rehab to improve her capabilities!!! [:D] The unfortunate part is that we arrived here on the weekend and, quite expectedly so, there is not a full weekday crew on board to begin the effort. She did go down to the rehab area early this morning for her workout (? [:D]) Well, all things are relative!! For her, those mini-exercises and stretches were a massively tiring event! Good workout!! Remember, Dr Emerson's charge for her rehab is, "Quiet and Still!" I just trust that this level can be maintained through out the effort here. OUR main goal is for her to be able to get up and do her "maintenance" chores pretty well on her own, and be able to get into the GeoVan!! Refer to yesterdays evening post for the importance of THAT! I may have to build/procure/buy a set of steps or ramps to help with that process. Must look around at what is available. What comes to mind is the steps that Wylie built for Ann's access to their motorhome. Same idea, not necessarily same design.

She is a tad discouraged at the moment because things aren't moving at a breakneck pace!! Think it's gonna' be a LOOONNNNGGG Quiet and Still!!!!


Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday Night LATE Update

It's late and I'm not sure where to start! This has been a hurry-up-and-wait kind of day! Mid morning, the final decision was made to move Sharon to a Rehab Hospital TODAY! We knew yesterday that was where she was going and kinda' made preparations to get the job done. Every thing was good up until, ooops, she has to GET there somehow! It was only a couple of miles so that shouldn't be a tremendous problem, right? Just get the ambulance to take her over, since she has not walked more than 50 feet since the op! Nah! Too easy! Nobody will PAY for it except ME! OK, what's the cost? Wait, did you say five HUNDRED dollars?? Gulp! Ok, there's always the GeoVan! Nope! She can't climb UP to get IN! OK, I'll rent a sedan so she can sit! Oooppss! Too late! None available! Drat!!! God works in mysterious ways! He led Ron Leach, a deacon from Prestonwood BC by while I was out on an errand. Sharon and Ron were discussing the transportation situation and Ron made the offer to call him if nothing else developed. Hello, Ron? I called him and we made arrangements for him to come by after a late afternoon meeting and give Sharon a ride over to the new location. Thank you, Ron! We all need to give Ron a standing ovation for his generosity and kindness! (Sound of clapping and cheers!)

That was the largest drama of the day, but there were other little ones tucked in the daily routine. It just keeps us on our toes and makes us appreciate the kindness from those around us!

Sharon is now in the:

Integra Hospital Plano,
Room 263
2301 Marsh Lane
Plano, TX 75093

We are not sure exactly how long she will be there. Could be a week or 10 days. Our goal is for her to have the strength and endurance to be able to get out of bed and make it around the house, and, just as important, get in and out of the vehicle. That somehow seems a little more important tonight than it did this morning!!

Thanks to all who have called to see how it is going here! We appreciate the warm telephonic hugs and, trust me, they are indeed welcome!

Better run and get some shuteye! Might be a long day tomorrow!!


Friday Morning Update

Well, things happen fast around here when the ball starts rolling! Sometime later today, we transfer Sharon to the Integra Hospital Plano. That will put her in the rehab facility for a week or so as things continue to heal and she can get more self-sufficient and then move back to "home" at the Extended Stay with Bulli and me. That can't happen too fast, BUT none of us, with the possible exception of Bulli is ready for that full load. The only holdup at the moment is the transport of her from the hospital to the rehab facility. It is not an ambulance ride that will be paid for so we are working to find a way to get her over. Yes, I do have the GeoVan, but those of you who have traveled in it know that it is not an easy in and out when you're on a walker. I may have to rent a large sedan to make the transfer. With a sedan, she can back up to the rear seat and sit and slide her way into a riding position. Not so with the GeoVan! I had already joked that I may go to PepBoys and get one of those motorcycle jacks with the large platform and jack her up so she could just slide over to the seat!! She didn't think much of that when I mentioned it before and she sees a LOT LESS humor in the idea NOW!! OK, it was just a thought!! In any case, the next blog note should be from Integra later this afternoon.


Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thursday Evening

Yahoooo!!! When I came back from a little Bulli care session, Sharon said that she had been accepted to the Integra Hospital Plano for her after hospital stay. They have agreed to do the low level of rehab that she will need to help the hip begin it's slow process of knitting together. Thank you to those who said a word of prayer that this would be the outcome. The departure time to go to them is unscheduled at the moment but likely will be Saturday.

As I write, Sharon is sitting up eating!! Another Yahooooo!! This is actually the second time she's been in the chair today. That may not be awe-inspiring news, but it is a serious step for her at this point. She has had the last of the Oxycontin (that's some gooooooddd stuff!!) and is on a lesser pill that is available on demand. She actually hasn't had what she calls pain yet, except for the lower back pain caused by the nerve compression of the operation. That has disappeared now as well.

She is eating a little better. Tonight she had a bowl of cream of tomato soup, Pumpkin Polenta and Tofu Napolean topped with mushroom ragout, a side salad, and an Angel Cookie for dessert! The quality of the food here is great. I mean, they just don't pop the lid on a can of Pumpkin Plenta and Tofu Napolean!!! It is even presented like a high quality dining establishment. Too bad she hasn't developed her taste-buds yet!! She just isn't eating much because she just isn't hungry yet!

The nurses just came in and put her back to bed. Her sit up periods can't run longer than 45 minutes so she was ready to get back in so it wouldn't interfer with Survivor!! Now, you know where the REAL priority lies!!!

We are impressed and almost overwhelmed by the care and attention we are receiving from Prestonwood Baptist Church! We have had visits from either one of the deacons or ministers everyday here in the hospital. Today, we had three contacts from different people! That speaks loads for their ministry. If they're this caring and concerned about two folks from Tennessee, it's easy to see why they have grown to a 28,000 member congregation with two campuses! I thank God for their love and concern!

This looks like it's going to be a good night from all early indications!


Thursday Morning!

Well, things are looking up! Sharon is much more rested and responsive today. When I came in about 9:30AM she was actually eating breakfast. We talked about her night and she didn't even go to sleep!! What an improvement!! A deacon from Prestonwood Baptist Church came by and visited for a bit!

A lady came by from Social Services and had come up with three options for Sharon's post-hospital stay. There is a new rehab facility that is near the hospital that MAY be an option. They usually take patients who need the go-go-go physical therapy, but Carol is looking to see if they will be willing to take a patient who needs a lower level of PT. The other options are two very nice nursing homes, but they don't offer the type care that Sharon will require from the Doctor and medication prospective. I truly hope that the first option is the go. They will provide daily contact with the doctors and have systems to be more responsive to the patients immediate medical needs. That would be more like an extension of the hospital care we really need for her. Pray for that need to be met. I feel like this is a VERY critical decision that is about to be made by some who may or may not know the situation and full needs. The rehab care will be more pro-active in meeting her needs and the nursing homes may be a little too passive in their care and tend to be more reactive instead.

All in all, I'm pleased with the efforts I see with the system honestly trying to meet her needs. This just, to me, shows that we made the right decision to come here to have this done under Dr Emerson. He is one of the best in this field and the respect that all here have for him sure shows in the care they provide. They really WANT to please him and have him happy with them. I have the feeling that the last thing anyone wants here is to have him unhappy with their provision for his patients! He apparently carries a very big stick!!! [:D]

More to follow as the day unfolds.


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wednesday Evening 10/3/07 Update

Another successful day! They are moving her along at a much slower pace than a "normal" hip replacement, but she is making things happen. Even now, she has come along faster than I recall the last one. She is totally unplugged now from all things that were stuck in her body!! She was up about 4 times today for either therapy or physical needs. She will likely be able to leave the room tomorrow, maybe. They came in this afternoon to find out a little more of when she will be leaving the hospital. It is possible that she may move to another facility to continue recovery instead of staying in the hospital. OR She may come back here to the suite and have skilled nursing care for a while. OR there may be a combination of these options happen! We should have a much better idea after the Dr rounds tomorrow. I do truly hope that there is continued skilled care in a facility for a little while longer. I believe her recovery will be much faster if that happens. This apartment is going to get REAL small REAL quick if she isn't a lot more mobile when she comes home.

Oh well, these are concerns of the morrow! Right now, the bed looks mighty inviting!!

Thanks to all for the cards, etc.


Wednesday 10/3/07 Update

Major milestone this morning. Dr Emerson came by during rounds and was pleased at what he saw. He ordered a frame over the bed for her to use as a jungle-gym to help her move around a little. Gave a little more pain medication to help ease the lower back pain he had predicted. Shortly afterward, physical therapy came in and got her up and let her sit back down. Small step for mankind, a giant step two days after surgery! Physically, it was OK. Head wise, it was really, really dizzy!! (I have pictures - blackmail is possible!! {;)]) Presently, she is resting from all the strenuous activity. In fact, I do believe she has drifted back to sleep for a while!

Bag two was a success!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tuesday Evening Update

All seems to be going well. Sharon is more and more getting through the effects ofanesthesia. Having been here before, it usually is in the middle of the second day after that she is all back!! Her "drift off" sessions have been getting farther apart and she is beginnning to feel the physical effects of being operated on. They removed her from intravenious (SP?) today and she is now totally on oral medication for the pain. I will say that she is getting "top-quality" goods!! I mean, this stuff has high street value!! [:D]

She (we) begins her Physical Therapy at 8:30AM tomorrow. I suspect that the main part of her's will be just getting vertical for a change and maybe going to the "little room in the corner!" Actually, they already had her doing some muscle flexes today. Every hour on the hour she had to flex her feet, do the knee push-downs, and the old glutemus maximus "squeeze!" Much of the day, she actually fell asleep right in the middle of those sessions. Ditto with the "breathing machine."

Unfortunately, the side effects of the anesthesia wearing off is the increasingly discomfort. She has never complained about a lot of pain from her previous operations (she says she is uncomfortable!), but she is complaining this time from some lower back pain. Dr Emerson told me yesterday that she may feel some pain there as a result of the stretching of the muscles to bring her leg back to it's standard length. The lengthening of the muscles also tighten them which puts pressure on the nerve bundles in the legs and that usually shows up in the form of pain where the bundle goes into the spine. So, once again, we seem to be on the predicted track. Hopefully, as she is able to get up and get some movement back in the leg, the muscles will stretch and relax and the pain should disappear.

I left about 10PM tonight and it appeared she was going to be able to sleep OK.

ThanX to all who have been in touch. That has meant so much. Friendly voices have never been more welcome!!

Until later


"O" Day Plus One

This has taken a while to get around to giving an update to the blog. Things have been just a little hectic. I left last evening somewhere around midnight and took care of Joe and Bulli maintenance items and grabbed a little sleep. She basically ran me off so she could get a little sleep!! [:D] Came back over late this morning and found her a little less groggy, but I know from experience that it is going to take another day before she's hitting on all cylinders again!

She is doing well. There have been no major complications and she is resting fairly comfortable. They have removed both IV's and that means of course that she is now dependent on the pain medicine by mouth instead of just being able to punch the button for the return to that other place she's been in!!

While I've been writing this, food service brought up her lunch. Meal service here is a little different than most hospitals I've seen. They bring you a restaurant style menu for you to order from. You order by phone like you would for carry out. The menu is pretty extensive and is definitely not what you'd expect. The soup of the day, for example, is lobster bisque! She didn't want that so I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich on multigrain bread, cream of tomato soup and a fruit cup. I thought the fruit cup would be one of the little pre-packed fruit cocktail thingies, but NNNOOOOOOO!! It's actually fresh fruit that is very nicely prepared just like in a real eating establishment!! I'm impressed with the whole tray. Hmmm! I may have to try the Chicken Fried Steak dinner later tonight myself!!! [;)]

All in all, she's doing well. She just said she wished she could keep her eyes open long enough to finish eating!

Another deacon from Prestonwood Baptist Church came by this morning to check on us and visit for a bit.

Will try to update later today.

Thank you for your prayers.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Next Status Update

Sharon is back in the room from surgery. She got here, as predicted about 7:30. I got here after the dog and food stop at about 7:50. She is obviously still in loopy-land and has control of the button! And I might add, she is NOT afraid to use it!!! [:D] I fed her some ice chips and about half of a small cup of Jello so she could take some medicine by mouth. Presently, I plan to spend most of the night here, but sooner or later I'll have to go to the room and get a bit of sleep. All in all, she's doing rather well. She will be exceedingly sore tomorrow, according to Dr Emerson, so I'll need some sleep to help with that.

The respiratory therapist just came in and gave her the first of the breathing machine sessions. She managed to puff it rather well!

More later

Operation is over and is a success!!

Dr Emerson came out at 6PM and said they had completed the operation and it looked good! He disappeared for a few minutes and came back out with the model of the prosthesis in hand. He showed me how it worked, how it fit, and what this new style device does for the strength of the joint.

She is still in the recovery room and should be out and up to the room around 7:30. I had come back to the apartment to take Bulli out and give him a bite to eat. He is really upset with the little doggie unknowns with his schedule right now.

Had a deacon from Prestonwood, Clay Curtis, come by to check on us and visited for a few minutes. Was glad to see a friendly face for a little while.

Duty calls that I need to return to the room to be there, if possible, when she comes in.

More later!

Cheers and thanks for the prayers!

"O" Day is here and all is well!

It's now 2:30PM and they took her into the OR almost an hour ago. She was relaxed and ready to get this job done! Dr Emerson came in twice and explained in detail what he was going to do and what he expected to happen during the operation and how he expected it to go post-op. Dr Heberlin, the anesthologist, called her last evening and he came in and chatted for a bit before he came in to take her away. He gave her a short shot of LALA juice before they rolled her out. The staff has been both professional and nice.

Right now, I'm back with Bulli to care for him a little (you know a pup has needs too!!) and will head back over to the hospital in another 30 or 45 minutes. He has known all day that something was up. He didn't want to leave either of us for a minute before we left this AM and he's now trying to decide where she is! I told him she had to go to the Vet and I do believe he shivered a little! [:D]

Will drop a note later to update when she comes back out!


"O" Day has begun

We're at the hospital in the "put that gown on" room. Sharon is fine and proceeding well. Dr. Emerson happened by on the way to another op and spoke. He will be back to detail our events. The most exciting thing so far is the fact that the open back gown now has vents that can be plugged in to a heater blower! WOW! Something resembling COMFORT in the OR!

This is posted by Treo on the scene.