Sunday, January 25, 2009

Back Home Again-Home Sweet Home

We're back home after spending a few days in Houston and the gulf coast area. It was so pretty down there, blue skies and shirt-sleeved weather. When we headed north today it became overcast and drizzly and now it is around freezing. We'll spend the next few weeks enjoying our time at home before we head back down to TX for another hip surgery on March 23(I'll even have the joy of spending my birthday in the hospital-28th). That's all for now.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday-Jan 14-from Plano, TX

Have seen both of my doctors now and all seems to be well. X-rays show that the spacer in the joint is right where it should be and the skin all around the leg and incision are soft and pink. Blood work was good. My infection Dr was smiling when she saw the results. She is even cutting back a little on the oral antifugal medicine I am taking to see if that helps with my stomach issues.
We are doing wash at the RV park tonight and will head out tomorrow morning. Our plans are to head to Houston to a caching event on Sat and visit friends down there and then head home Sun/Mon.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Just dropping in to give a new year's update. Finished up with the infusions on Dec 11 but continue oral fungal antibiotics. Hip has been doing good-I've learned how to deal with it and take it easy as I move so I don't forget and step down on it.
My hip Dr and infectious Dr wanted to see me before the next surgery so we are headed to TX on Jan 10 and will be down there for several days for blood work and x-rays and whatever else they want to check out. We are hoping all is "full speed ahead" for my surgery which is now scheduled for March 23. As long as my hip has cleared out all the fungus, my hip Dr. seems to think that another implant will work.
It's been a long and slow few weeks since we got back. Our son and wife and Abby were here for Thanksgiving and then in and out for 2 weeks over Christmas. The house is pretty quiet now without that precious little 7-year-old around.
I'm not able to do much-orders from my Dr. Joe has taken on most of the household duties and he does a fine job. I help out as much as he will let me. My biggest heartache is my house cleaning. Guess I'm going to look into a weekly Merry Maids visit to do the basic dusting and vacuuming after this next trip to TX. I have people who I could ask to come but just can't do that to them. I really need a little angel to show up at my door someday and ask what she can do-would that be neat?
Happy New Year and our prayer is that it will be healthy and wealthy and family-friendly to everyone who reads this. More after we get back from Texas.