Saturday, April 10, 2010

Good Reports

Just back from a visit to the doctors in Texas and all was good. The hip doctor said the X-rays couldn't look better and he was very happy. I don't have to see him again for a year. He encourages me to be careful and to continue with my friend, the cane. The infection doctor says that all my lab work is normal and now lets me take the anti-fungal meds every other day. I will continue to have blood work done on a regular basis and will see her in a year when I go back to Texas. That's all for now.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March is here-almost 1 year has passed

Yes, it was almost a year ago that I had my last hip surgery. I'm down to walking with a cane and even taking steps here and there with no aide. I doubt if I'll ever walk fulltime without support due to my leg muscles not being strong enough to hold my weight. It's OK with me-I get along just fine.
We'll be headed down to TX at the end of the month for my 1-year check-up and expect a good report. Will send along the news after we finish down there.