Saturday, April 10, 2010

Good Reports

Just back from a visit to the doctors in Texas and all was good. The hip doctor said the X-rays couldn't look better and he was very happy. I don't have to see him again for a year. He encourages me to be careful and to continue with my friend, the cane. The infection doctor says that all my lab work is normal and now lets me take the anti-fungal meds every other day. I will continue to have blood work done on a regular basis and will see her in a year when I go back to Texas. That's all for now.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March is here-almost 1 year has passed

Yes, it was almost a year ago that I had my last hip surgery. I'm down to walking with a cane and even taking steps here and there with no aide. I doubt if I'll ever walk fulltime without support due to my leg muscles not being strong enough to hold my weight. It's OK with me-I get along just fine.
We'll be headed down to TX at the end of the month for my 1-year check-up and expect a good report. Will send along the news after we finish down there.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July 2009 and All "Seems" To Be Well

We just returned from a visit to Plano to see the hip doctor and the infection doctor. Got good reports from both and we are back home now for 2 weeks to recuperate and get ready to leave for Maine in early Aug.

Hip Dr: x-rays look good and things seem to have healed well. Leg still not strong enough to put 100% weight on it so continue with crutches for now. Can use 1 crutch in the house but crutches when walking outside. Walking is good so I need to do more of that. When my Dr. saw my name on the roster for last Wed. he was afraid something was wrong and he said (jokingly) that he thought about calling in sick. He was so releived when the nurse said I was just in for a 4-month check-up. Hip is doing good but the right knee has problems. I have no cartlidge on the inside so he said I might be a candidate for a partial knee replacement sometime in the future. He gave me a shot of cortisone in that knee and it hasn't been bothering me lately. I have favored the left side for so long that the right side has suffered. Will return in late March for a 1-year check up.

Infection Dr: she cut back my anti-fungal drugs by 1/2 so I'm hoping that will help several small problems I was having. She is the neatest person and must have spent 45 minutes with us. She is never in a hurry and always wanting to discuss my particular situation. Will see her again when we go back down in March.

So, here we are back home again, doing laundry and mowing the lawn (I'm doing the laundry and Joe is doing the lawn). It was so HOT!!!!!! down in Texas and now it is in the 80's here in middle TN and it is delightful. We are sure hoping to find some nice weather while up in Maine.

That's all for now. Stay tuned........

Thursday, May 28, 2009

All is Well

Things are going along well. Supposed to be putting more and more weight on the leg until reaching 100% by the time we go back down to Plano for a check-up in mid July. I'll still be using crutches until them for stability but maybe to the cane when we come back from Texas?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Home At Last

Tennessee and our house never looked better than it did this afternoon when we pulled into the driveway. There has been alot of rain so everything was all green and so pretty. Our neighbor had done our lawn and caching friends had cleaned inside so all was ready for our return. What can you say about friends like that? Thank you so much.
We had a lovely visit with our friends in Harmony, AR with a promise to meet up again in Bell Buckle, TN on May 23 when we attend GeoWoodstock 7.
We unloaded just minimum things out of the coach tonight and will work on the rest tomorrow as we feel up to it. Joe has a Dr. appointment tomorrow afternoon but nothing else pressing right away.
Thanks to everyone who has kept up with us and remembered us daily with thoughts and prayers. The hip is doing well and it is just now a matter of time and healing. I'm supposed to be putting more and more weight on it until we go back down for a check-up in mid July.
We'll keep you posted.

Monday, April 27, 2009

"It's 3 O'Clock in the Morning-We Danced the Whole Night Through"

Now I know you OBW(?)'s know that tune from a few years back. It doesn't exactly mirror my sentiments thus morning but almost. It is indeed 3 o'clock in the morning and I HAVEN'T slept(or danced) the whole night thru, not even with an ambien. It's so strange because last night I slept 7 hours and didn't even hear Joe when we got up to walk off a cramp. I don't understand how 2 nights can be so different. Maybe it has to do with major surgery just a little over a month ago, anesthesia, pain medicine, antibiotics, etc,etc,etc.
We arrived at our friends' house here in Ft. Smith around 3 PM on Sunday afternoon and had a nice visit with them. One of their sons came over to see us,too. We were all in the same church together over in Tokyo, Japan back in the early 80's and they have been special friends ever since. They have 2 boys that were the same age as our James so we did alot of things together. Joni is now an emergency room Dr. and Larry is still piloting and teaching it to others.
Joni had to work tonight and will be in about 6 AM so we will have breakfast with them before heading out. We'll be traveling over to Harnmony, AR to visit with another couple that we have known thru our sport of geocaching.
Hope all of you are sleeping right now and enjoying good dreams. I'll work on facebook a while and then see if I can catch a few "zzzzzzzzzz" before 6 AM.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hello Ft. Smith, AR

We finally got out of TX yesterday. We had a gorgeoous trip up to Durant, OK and then east into AR and up thru the hills-God's mighty handiwork in nature is just breath-taking. We did a little caching along the way and then by the time we were ready to settle down for the night, we couldn't find a decent RV park. That brought us all the way in to Ft. Smith last night at 10 PM. We don't like going that late at night but didn't have any choice this time. We found our first "Circle W" park (that's Wal-Mart) and "tucked in" right behind a big motorhome. It was so nice and cool that we slept with the windows open and I had the best sleep I've had in quite some time. We were in no hurry this morning as we aren't scheduled to be to our friends' house until mid afternoon today. More later...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Going In Circles

We left Lewisville yesterday and had a fun caching day. By the time we found all that we had on our list, we were just about back to Lewisville so parked in the same place last night. That was quite an adventure for us yesterday since we hadn't cached in so long so today we are staying put right here and resting up. We'll do laundry and computer work and head out tomorrow. At this rate we'll be home by 4th of July.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Speeding Right Along

We've made it all the way to Lewisville, TX today(7 miles from the hotel). We dropped our son off at the airport this morning and came here early for a day of rest and relaxation. It is so beautiful today and we had the windows open here in the coach until mid afternoon when we put the AC on and laid down and took a nap. No definite plans as yet. Hope to cache around this area tomorrow before heading to AR. We have never been up the western side of AR so we want to go up that way to Ft. Smith where we will visit some friends. All is well here-more on our way later.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Been Released!!!!!!

Got a great report from my hip Dr. today and we says we can go home. He was, however, happy to know that we would come back down in mid July for another check-up. X-rays looked good and he wants me to put more and more weight on the leg up to 100% by the time we come back in July-with crutches the whole time.
We got meds filled, had lunch and now with the help of our son, we're packing up the coach. We plan to leave at 7 AM in the morning, have a couple breakfast tacos and then drop James off at the airport. He is on his way to Los Angles on business.
Then we will take the next few days to get home-we aren't in a hurry and don't want to drive hundreds of miles a day. We plan to visit 3 friends in Arkansas and possibly even go up to Branson, MO before getting home.
Thanks to everyone who has kept us in your thoughts and prayers these past weeks. We have felt your friendship and can never tell you how much it has meant to us.
We will try to write on here during the trip home if we have internet access.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

1 Doctor down- 1 to go before freedom day

We saw the infection Dr today and she is happy with my progress and the results of my blood work this week. She sees no reason why we can't go home. She wants me on the present dose of the anti-fungal medicine until May 4 and then hopefully she'll reduce it some. I will continue to have blood work done after returning to TN. We discussed my sleep problems ( I only had about 1 1/2 hours of sleep last night)and she couldn't come up with any solution at this time. I tend to think that after I finish taking coumadin (last dose next Tuesday) that maybe that will help-we'll see.
We see my hip Dr on Tuesday and hopefully we'll be on our way home Wed. We'll probably take 4-5 days to get there-we are in no hurry. It seems like we've been down here for years so we are anxious to get back home and get back with life again. Thanks to everyone who has remembered us during these days. Will keep you posted.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Out and About

We didn't have any appointments today and the weather was pretty so we took a little day trip west of here. Our destination was Justin, TX where there is an outlet for jeans and shirts and boots-place we have visited often in the past when we lived here in TX. We were able to do a little easy geocaching, also, which was quite a treat after a month hiatas. With our little motorhome where we have our bed and bathroom as well as sink and "frig with us, it makes it a very nice traveling day. We stopped at a nice park and let Bulli have a good run and we also visited 2 nice restaurants. Next 2 days are to be cool and rainy so we are glad we got out today. I did really well on the trip but looking forward to heading to bed.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Slow But Steady Progress

Not much to report this past week. Things are going along pretty well. Having physical therapy 3 times a week here in the room. I am moving the leg and hip and supposed to be putting up to 50% weight on that side. It's a little strange after not putting weight on it at all for nearly a year. The stitches and staples came out this week and the incision site looks great. There was no drainage like last year. We spend alot of time just sitting and working on the computer and watching TV-what else can you do while healing is taking place?
I'm on coumadin as a blood thinner so have to have a test every several days to check my blood levels to determine what dose to take. This will continue only until April 21 when I will discontinue the coumadin.
Had visitors from out-of-state today so it was a nice diversion from our daily routine. Expecting another couple today to come for lunch-always nice to see friends from long ago. This was a couple who were in our church in Okinawa back in the early 80's.
We are still on track for seeing my hip Dr. on the 21st and heading home on the 22nd. Will let you know if anything changes.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Getting into the routine again

We're getting settled in and back into our Plano routine here at the hotel. PT started yesterday and they will come 3 times a week. We aren't doing anything strenuous, just trying to get the muscles back in shape in order for walking to take place before long. Supposed to be putting up to 50% weight on that side but haven't had the courage to get anywhere near that yet. Home Health care has checked in,too, as they have to keep close tabs on my blood levels since I'll continue to be on a blood thinner until April 21.
We have an appointment with the infectious Dr. on the 16 and then with my hip Dr. on the 21st. so we know we'll be here at least thru that time. Our son will be flying in on the 18th and stay until the 22nd, so the plan (if all is going well) is for us to take him to the airport on the 22nd and begin our trek back to Tenn.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good-bye Presbyterian Hospital-Hello Extended Stay Hotel

We made it!!!!!! Got the "walking papers" around noon and after a quick stop at the pharmacy, got here around 2. It really felt good to be out in the "world" again. My 3-week check-up with my Dr. is on April 21 so we'll just be here resting and relaxing and healing during that time. My instructions are for every 40 minutes being up I need 60 minutes lying down with my feet up. That's going to be a challenge for me but I can do it.
We're both settling down at the computers for a while and then will put away the stuff from the hospital. More later.......

Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Evening

Did so good in my activities today that both of my doctor's gave their blessing on our leaving the hospital and heading to the Extended Stay Hotel, just 1 mile across the tollway from here. It's rather funny that back in Oct. when we were ready to come home, the infectious doctor said she was going to put a big sign at the TX/AR border that wouldn't let us pass thru. This evening she had a big smile so everyone is happy around here.
It's bad to have to make a hospital stay but if you've got to, then this is the place to be. This whole 8th floor is dedicated to orthopedics and many of the nurses and aides and doctors have been here over 10 years. It was like old home week when we came back this week. There was only 1 gal that was new.
I've got a trapeze bar over the top of my bed here that helps in moving around. I asked him if he would be able to fix one up in the hotel for me.
We're on to statge #2 tomorrow and will sit around and rest and relax and heal until I see the hip Dr. on April 21st. Our son will be flying here on the 22nd and spend a couple of days before heading out to CA on business. It has worked out pretty good for him to be here to help us move into the hotel and then to help us move back into the motorhome.
All is well here tonight-hope we all sleep like little lambs-

Monday Morning - The Day After the Night Before

To set your mind at ease, the title does NOT mean that we went out on the town and kicked up Sharon's heels!! We had a simple, stay at home Sunday night. Come to think of it we had a simple, stay at home Monday night, a simple, stay at home Tuesday night, a simple, stay at home Wednesday night, well, you get the idea!!! Not much else you can have when you're enjoying the luxury of such a fine, high class spa! Humph! More like a high class white-collar penal institution! At least, that Sharon's take on it! Not really, but it makes for good copy and headlines! Isn't that what the media wants you to read? The sensational side of life! If I said she was healing well and things were going according to plan in a slow, subdued sort of way, and everyone here was nice, accommodating and helpful, there's no flashy headline in it, is there? Should be but not according to our media moguls!

I suppose that's enough of my prejudice showing!! LOL We did have a great weekend. Made some great new Texas acquaintances and fellow patients and Sharon made great progress in our goal of getting her ready to head over to the Extended Stay for the duration of our stay here. Home health care has already been set up and is ready for a call and I suppose the social worker is ready to punch the button on the rest of our support package, whatever that turns out to be. I suspect that we'll have her placed on "house arrest" again so that we can get her the PT she needs to gently get the old leg up and running. Well, at least figuratively speaking!!

Rounds this morning indicated that tomorrow is the big day. Dr Emerson is about ready to sprinkle his medical holy water on the release papers with the provision that we can get PT here in the hospital to get her functional enough to get into the van and be able to sit in the wheelchair sufficiently to get her there and into the hotel. That sounds simple, but she only got out of bed mid day yesterday on her own. The rest should be the proverbial piece of pie for her at this stage!

Bottom line: Things are progressing well. Freedom is in sight and her morale is through the roof! Most of you understand what that means!!



Sunday, March 29, 2009

Where in the world does time go?

I just realized the I erred yesterday by not dropping a note on the HippyBlog! We were totally busy with the mega-festivities of celebrating Sharon's birthday! And celebrate we did!! Well, OK, maybe it wasn't a mega-celebration, but we did paint the town. OK, maybe it wasn't the town we painted, but would you believe that we rented Cowboy Stadium and had several hundred of our closest friends over? Oh, you wouldn't buy that either! OK, I stopped by LaMadaline's and picked up two of her favorite Fruit Cups (actually fruit tarts), then grabbed a couple of bunches of flowers and some candles that spelled "Happy Birthday." From those humble beginnings, we had a quiet private little party of our own. The staff picked up on the birthday and had food service bring up a proper B'day cake for dinner in the evening. The gentleman in the next room was also celebrating his B'day as well, so we shared family for a bit and wished each of them Happy Birthday. Mr Charles had both knees done at the same time and was at the point of questioning his own judgement of doing it that way!! He'll have his hands full for the next few weeks until he can get back on his normal activities. He's a rancher from up near Wichita Falls and looks forward to getting horseback again soon!

Sharon is progressing at a very slow pace. Her leg was stretched to almost it's normal length during the installation and the muscles are tight, rather much like a rubberband being pulled on. The slow pace is to allow these muscles to stretch and relax without putting stress on them that will tear or other wise injure them. That is why, when she sits up for a while, that there is a certain amount of, as she calls it, discomfort. Most of us mere mortals with our normal pain tolerance would be curled up in the fetal position calling for Mommy, but she calls it, oh, about a three on a ten point scale!! Her color is good, she has a fairly good appetite (although tire of the "hospital food," and has a positive outlook! The biggest difficulty at the moment is the effects of the pain meds. She is super-forgetful and tends to drop off to a deep nod with no notice! OK, what's wrong? you ask!! I mean WAAAYYY more than usual! LOL

We spent a large part of the day working on our Farms on the computer! If that doesn't make sense to you, sorry! It's sort of a "house-bound" hobby activity. It's virtually farming. Things like plowing, growing and harvesting from the comfort of your own keyboard! I know, get a life!!!

More later



Friday, March 27, 2009

Just what do you all do on Friday night, Mr & Mrs Thompson?

The title from this blog comes from a dear friend who was visiting with us one weekend years ago! He was a young college student/family friend whose parents were no longer in the area. He drove down from school on Friday afternoon and we were preparing to settle in for an evening of TV or some other such mundane activity. Being a young college student, that wasn't quite his idea of a great time. His question to us has come back to us through the years when we realize how little we "do" anymore! As we sit here in the hospital room, each of us with our laptops either reading or playing a computer game, that question just rang so true to our level of activity tonight! (I've kindly left this dear friend's name so we won't embarrass him or his parents!)

This has been a great day that started out with all three of us with the dreary day blahs! Even Bulli woke up with them today! Must have something to do with the gray clouds that were flying as we woke up today. Sharon has been feeling really good today and says she believes she could just get up and walk over to the hotel on her own. My guess is that she would change her mind before too far. The doctor has her on a pretty short leash. He hasn't let her get up but once a day yet so she has spent about 23 hour, and 45 minutes a day in the bed. About 10 of the remaining 15 were spent in prep so her actual time up was really minimal. Her appetite is quite good already (she thinks that's both good and bad!) and has eaten some pretty good meals so far.

I received a phone call this afternoon from the home health care folks that took care of her when she came out of the hospital. They told me that they received orders today for them to be prepared to resume home health duties as early as Sunday. That was somewhat news to us because the doctor has not even mentioned her going "home" yet. At least I'm glad they are thinking ahead to provide those services.

The weather here, like a lot of other places has turned back to winter. I did bring my down vest in with me and was mighty glad I had when I went out for my midafternoon Bulli check. Lots of wind and temp in the 40's. Chill felt like it was in the low 30's. IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE SPRING!!!!

More later!



It's 7 o'clock somewhere

It's only 7AM and I've already had blood drawn, vitals taken, and ultrasound taken so we're off and runnin' again. I woke up right at 4, just as the aide came for the vitals. Hope this isn't going to be pattern here.
Really feel good this morning-hopefully I can walk a few more steps each day so I can gain my strength.
Joe will be late coming over today since he was to do some laundry. I told him to take his time because I'm well take care of overhere.