Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Morning - The Day After the Night Before

To set your mind at ease, the title does NOT mean that we went out on the town and kicked up Sharon's heels!! We had a simple, stay at home Sunday night. Come to think of it we had a simple, stay at home Monday night, a simple, stay at home Tuesday night, a simple, stay at home Wednesday night, well, you get the idea!!! Not much else you can have when you're enjoying the luxury of such a fine, high class spa! Humph! More like a high class white-collar penal institution! At least, that Sharon's take on it! Not really, but it makes for good copy and headlines! Isn't that what the media wants you to read? The sensational side of life! If I said she was healing well and things were going according to plan in a slow, subdued sort of way, and everyone here was nice, accommodating and helpful, there's no flashy headline in it, is there? Should be but not according to our media moguls!

I suppose that's enough of my prejudice showing!! LOL We did have a great weekend. Made some great new Texas acquaintances and fellow patients and Sharon made great progress in our goal of getting her ready to head over to the Extended Stay for the duration of our stay here. Home health care has already been set up and is ready for a call and I suppose the social worker is ready to punch the button on the rest of our support package, whatever that turns out to be. I suspect that we'll have her placed on "house arrest" again so that we can get her the PT she needs to gently get the old leg up and running. Well, at least figuratively speaking!!

Rounds this morning indicated that tomorrow is the big day. Dr Emerson is about ready to sprinkle his medical holy water on the release papers with the provision that we can get PT here in the hospital to get her functional enough to get into the van and be able to sit in the wheelchair sufficiently to get her there and into the hotel. That sounds simple, but she only got out of bed mid day yesterday on her own. The rest should be the proverbial piece of pie for her at this stage!

Bottom line: Things are progressing well. Freedom is in sight and her morale is through the roof! Most of you understand what that means!!



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