Thursday, March 26, 2009

The more things change. the more they stay the same!

OK, the title doesn't have darned thing to do with Sharon's status at the hospital! It's late and there's a chance that I may have stood too close to whatever it is she has had today and yesterday! Early call for both of us today - Sharon with the "git'em up and make'em work" approach and me up early to take Geovanii to it's own doctor! We had a recurrence of the problem we took it in for last week and it had to be checked out again. This time, we have parts on backorder all the way to Germany! None of this simple stuff from NAPA for us!!! Seven to ten days!! 50 BO across the US! Humph!

Sharon had a good day today. PT came in the AM and had her up and walking. 5 whole steps and back. Not bad when you consider she still has various lines, tubes and other attachments hooked up! No, I do NOT have pictures! Even I have a certain amount of couth and decency, but I'm not sure where I put them! That may have been what Bulli chewed up last week! Besides, I wasn't there. I was at the garage!! LOL

She is tapering off of the pain medicine rather well. It still has some lingering effects but for the most part, she's back among us. She does drift off rather easily, but it's hard to say if that's from the drugs or just from being plain tired. Best guess would make it a combination of the two!

It has been like old home week as the staff flows back through on their weekly schedule. She's been here so often and so long that we have formed some rather close bonds with a good number of them. I even got a big hug from one of them today when she saw me coming down the hall. Did I mention we've been here WWWAAAAAYYYYYY to often and too long?

The only complaint I've had about the whole experience down here occurred today. I had notice some housekeeping items that needed attention since she had come back from surgery. I gently asked one of the nurses if this was normal procedures and WOW! One phone call from her relaying my concerns woke up the sleeping giant! The situations were corrected in very short order and we had good attention from that department the rest of the day. I asked the nurse if we needed for me to make another phone call and she indicated that she was PROUD to be able to relay the info for me. I think she was glad for the opportunity!!!! Thank you, ------! (I don't want to cause her any future problems by giving her identity.)

Things are looking up! Thank you for your continued prayer support! That has been a great comfort to us and has, I'm sure, had results we can't ever measure in tangible ways!

More tomorrow! I start out with laundry day! AAaaarrrgggg!



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