Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"O" Day Plus One

The amazing part is, this is under 24 hours post-op! Gotta' communicate!!

Sorry it's been 24 hours since I wrote last. It has been an eventful day that has shown a lot of progress in her recovery. I got there around noon because I will confess to sleeping in a little late today. Got in amongst the wee hours and was tired. I stayed with her last night until she could manage her own ice chips to keep her mouth moistened and then left. Today she had them remove the morphine drip machine, but that proved to be a little too early and she had her pain medicine by mouth or injection the rest of the day. She is mostly there but, as I described it on a chat line earlier, she mostly has the attention span of a "hyperactive shrew" at times and at others, can stay with something for a while. Memory is a sometimey thing too, but that's all part of the drug culture she's been in basically since Monday morning. As I left tonight, she was firmly embedded in the middle of Facebook doing her "Farming" by plowing and planting her crops! If that doesn't make sense to you, farming is a game on the computer that is deviously addicting and she was dreaming she was playing it while she was drifting in and out this morning!

Dr Emerson made rounds this morning and reaffirmed that she will be up and about sometime on Thursday. He was pleased at her progress this morning and I imagine he will be even more so tomorrow. I helped put the monkey bar swingset on her bed this afternoon and she can at least pull herself up and change her position slightly. She has not complained about being uncomfortable in the bed but a couple of times and has wanted me to run my hand under her back and "unstick" the sheets that are sticking to her.

All in all, I'm very pleased with how things are going at this stage. There is a long road between here and "fully up and running" but it looks like we have a good start!



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