Sunday, March 29, 2009

Where in the world does time go?

I just realized the I erred yesterday by not dropping a note on the HippyBlog! We were totally busy with the mega-festivities of celebrating Sharon's birthday! And celebrate we did!! Well, OK, maybe it wasn't a mega-celebration, but we did paint the town. OK, maybe it wasn't the town we painted, but would you believe that we rented Cowboy Stadium and had several hundred of our closest friends over? Oh, you wouldn't buy that either! OK, I stopped by LaMadaline's and picked up two of her favorite Fruit Cups (actually fruit tarts), then grabbed a couple of bunches of flowers and some candles that spelled "Happy Birthday." From those humble beginnings, we had a quiet private little party of our own. The staff picked up on the birthday and had food service bring up a proper B'day cake for dinner in the evening. The gentleman in the next room was also celebrating his B'day as well, so we shared family for a bit and wished each of them Happy Birthday. Mr Charles had both knees done at the same time and was at the point of questioning his own judgement of doing it that way!! He'll have his hands full for the next few weeks until he can get back on his normal activities. He's a rancher from up near Wichita Falls and looks forward to getting horseback again soon!

Sharon is progressing at a very slow pace. Her leg was stretched to almost it's normal length during the installation and the muscles are tight, rather much like a rubberband being pulled on. The slow pace is to allow these muscles to stretch and relax without putting stress on them that will tear or other wise injure them. That is why, when she sits up for a while, that there is a certain amount of, as she calls it, discomfort. Most of us mere mortals with our normal pain tolerance would be curled up in the fetal position calling for Mommy, but she calls it, oh, about a three on a ten point scale!! Her color is good, she has a fairly good appetite (although tire of the "hospital food," and has a positive outlook! The biggest difficulty at the moment is the effects of the pain meds. She is super-forgetful and tends to drop off to a deep nod with no notice! OK, what's wrong? you ask!! I mean WAAAYYY more than usual! LOL

We spent a large part of the day working on our Farms on the computer! If that doesn't make sense to you, sorry! It's sort of a "house-bound" hobby activity. It's virtually farming. Things like plowing, growing and harvesting from the comfort of your own keyboard! I know, get a life!!!

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