Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We're Here and Getting Settled

Arrived at the Extended Stay after picking up our son at the airport and having a scrumptious lunch at Taco Cabana(one of our favorite places when we lived in TX). There definitely was a mix-up in our reservation but the manager here is bending over backwards to make things right for us. We are in a smaller room but we've about decided that we can live with this one. The manager is going to bring in a chest of drawers and a desk and hopefully change the queen bed our for a king bed. The bathroom is already handicap-ready so that is a plus. He is giving us this room at a special rate so we are about resigned to the fact that our suite is history. Guess is wasn't meant for us to be up on the 2nd floor so we'll be happy here. My main concern was that I wanted to "make my nest" before going into the hospital on Monday and it looks like that will happen. Our son is here thru Sun afternoon so he will be a big help.
The weather is lovely here-sunny, blue skies and in the low 80's. Looks like spring has already found it's way down here.
Will keep you posted on our settling-in process.

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