Monday, March 23, 2009

The Wait and Now THe Pause!

Late breaking news! The operation has been placed on hold for 24 Hours! The hold up has been caused by the lack of a blood type match. Its in the antibodies that have proven hard to match. They speculate that the match will be ready tomorrow. Dr Emerson said that there was a great likelihood that they will not need the blood but he "will feel more comfortable" having some on hand. He doesn't feel like he'll need a lot, but it could be tragic if they needed it and didn't have it. Scary thought! We both vote to wait and have it here!

We are sitting here waiting to have dinner delivered. WOW! Scrumptious 5-star hospital food again! I knew we were here for some reason!

More later as things develop.

For those of you on Facebook, I'm keeping a running dialog going on there as well that will be more condensed, but will be more timely than this once or twice a day writing. Just look up Joe Thompson and select me as a Friend and I'll accept you.



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