Monday, March 23, 2009

"S" Day is Here

We're up and going this morning. I had my "cocktail" last evening so you know what I'm doing. We'll be leaving for the hospital around 9 so we can visit the 8th floor before reporting to the surgical wing around 11. I am 5th on the schedule so probably won't get into surgery until later afternoon. My Dr. wanted me to be last so he would not be under a time restraint-that's fine with me. The only problem is waiting all day on an empty stomach. No worries, I have a book to read, a crossword puzzle book and there is a TV in the room. All is well here this morning and we are anxious to get this "show on the road" so we can get back with life again. It seems like life has been on a hold for the past year and a half but we learned alot. Joe will pick up the blog from here and keep updates postly.

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Jerry and Tondi said...

praying praying and more praying! that is what I am doing for all 3 of you. Bulli is plain old allergic to his momma having surgery! :D He is having some serious sympathy for her. poor baby. Be glad to hear when all of this is done and you are gathering caches along the road home! more prayers going up now! love you guys.