Monday, April 27, 2009

"It's 3 O'Clock in the Morning-We Danced the Whole Night Through"

Now I know you OBW(?)'s know that tune from a few years back. It doesn't exactly mirror my sentiments thus morning but almost. It is indeed 3 o'clock in the morning and I HAVEN'T slept(or danced) the whole night thru, not even with an ambien. It's so strange because last night I slept 7 hours and didn't even hear Joe when we got up to walk off a cramp. I don't understand how 2 nights can be so different. Maybe it has to do with major surgery just a little over a month ago, anesthesia, pain medicine, antibiotics, etc,etc,etc.
We arrived at our friends' house here in Ft. Smith around 3 PM on Sunday afternoon and had a nice visit with them. One of their sons came over to see us,too. We were all in the same church together over in Tokyo, Japan back in the early 80's and they have been special friends ever since. They have 2 boys that were the same age as our James so we did alot of things together. Joni is now an emergency room Dr. and Larry is still piloting and teaching it to others.
Joni had to work tonight and will be in about 6 AM so we will have breakfast with them before heading out. We'll be traveling over to Harnmony, AR to visit with another couple that we have known thru our sport of geocaching.
Hope all of you are sleeping right now and enjoying good dreams. I'll work on facebook a while and then see if I can catch a few "zzzzzzzzzz" before 6 AM.

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