Friday, March 27, 2009

Just what do you all do on Friday night, Mr & Mrs Thompson?

The title from this blog comes from a dear friend who was visiting with us one weekend years ago! He was a young college student/family friend whose parents were no longer in the area. He drove down from school on Friday afternoon and we were preparing to settle in for an evening of TV or some other such mundane activity. Being a young college student, that wasn't quite his idea of a great time. His question to us has come back to us through the years when we realize how little we "do" anymore! As we sit here in the hospital room, each of us with our laptops either reading or playing a computer game, that question just rang so true to our level of activity tonight! (I've kindly left this dear friend's name so we won't embarrass him or his parents!)

This has been a great day that started out with all three of us with the dreary day blahs! Even Bulli woke up with them today! Must have something to do with the gray clouds that were flying as we woke up today. Sharon has been feeling really good today and says she believes she could just get up and walk over to the hotel on her own. My guess is that she would change her mind before too far. The doctor has her on a pretty short leash. He hasn't let her get up but once a day yet so she has spent about 23 hour, and 45 minutes a day in the bed. About 10 of the remaining 15 were spent in prep so her actual time up was really minimal. Her appetite is quite good already (she thinks that's both good and bad!) and has eaten some pretty good meals so far.

I received a phone call this afternoon from the home health care folks that took care of her when she came out of the hospital. They told me that they received orders today for them to be prepared to resume home health duties as early as Sunday. That was somewhat news to us because the doctor has not even mentioned her going "home" yet. At least I'm glad they are thinking ahead to provide those services.

The weather here, like a lot of other places has turned back to winter. I did bring my down vest in with me and was mighty glad I had when I went out for my midafternoon Bulli check. Lots of wind and temp in the 40's. Chill felt like it was in the low 30's. IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE SPRING!!!!

More later!




Two Old Crows said...

Well, I guess the Thompsons do on Friday night what most OBWs do, only now the checker board has been replaced by the Internet. You aren't missing any good weather around these parts. It has been dreary and raining. We are glad for the rain since there probably won't be any after May 1 again.

Sharon, we are happy to hear you are doing well and we hope that continues. Don't worry about the appetite--they will work the calories off of you when you begin physical therapy.

Take care and scratch Bulli under his chin for us.

Don & Andrea

Jerry and Tondi Hall said...

so glad to see Sharon is moving right along the road to recovery. Jonathon lost his first match in a mighty scary fashion by passing out but all is good and we are proud he had the courage to try. The other kid was really good! Our prayers are still with you all and so glad to see the blog each day to keep up. :D love and prayers to you.

Tim & Rhonda (ATMA) said...

Keep hanging in there Sharon. Good to hear things are still moving along well.