Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Out and About

We didn't have any appointments today and the weather was pretty so we took a little day trip west of here. Our destination was Justin, TX where there is an outlet for jeans and shirts and boots-place we have visited often in the past when we lived here in TX. We were able to do a little easy geocaching, also, which was quite a treat after a month hiatas. With our little motorhome where we have our bed and bathroom as well as sink and "frig with us, it makes it a very nice traveling day. We stopped at a nice park and let Bulli have a good run and we also visited 2 nice restaurants. Next 2 days are to be cool and rainy so we are glad we got out today. I did really well on the trip but looking forward to heading to bed.

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Two Old Crows said...

Sounds like you three had a great outing. You can't beat sunshine and fresh air, and a run in the park must have been heaven to Bulli. We are so glad things are going well.

Don & Andrea