Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Been Released!!!!!!

Got a great report from my hip Dr. today and we says we can go home. He was, however, happy to know that we would come back down in mid July for another check-up. X-rays looked good and he wants me to put more and more weight on the leg up to 100% by the time we come back in July-with crutches the whole time.
We got meds filled, had lunch and now with the help of our son, we're packing up the coach. We plan to leave at 7 AM in the morning, have a couple breakfast tacos and then drop James off at the airport. He is on his way to Los Angles on business.
Then we will take the next few days to get home-we aren't in a hurry and don't want to drive hundreds of miles a day. We plan to visit 3 friends in Arkansas and possibly even go up to Branson, MO before getting home.
Thanks to everyone who has kept us in your thoughts and prayers these past weeks. We have felt your friendship and can never tell you how much it has meant to us.
We will try to write on here during the trip home if we have internet access.

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Two Old Crows said...


We just bet you three will be as happy as can be heading east on that road. Wish we could hear the singing, laughing and howling that will be going on in the Giovanni tomorrow.

The Crows